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UPDATE: Requesting PPE / Supplies

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Process for NYS-based FQHCs

  1. Contact your local Office of Emergency Management

  2. Inform your county Local Department of Health you need supplies to see if they offer any additional guidance.

  3. Contact CHCANYS if this is an emergency (we may be able to elevate)


Process for NYC-based FQHCs

Update (3/19/20)

NYC has informed us that they will be denying any supply requests that CHCANYS submits on behalf of NYC-based FQHCs. Because of severe shortages in the supply chain and limited stockpiled resources, NYC is prioritizing personal protective equipment supplies based on facility type. Supplies are prioritized for healthcare providers and facilities that are providing direct patient care in inpatient settings or in specific settings whose staff cannot maintain separation from a patient.

The following PPE categories are now being denied:

  • Face (surgical) masks

  • N95s

  • Eye protection (goggles, face shields)

  • Isolation gowns

  • Gloves

We will continue accepting and processing all requests coming to EM Team, since it is important we have them in the system in case NYC receives additional supplies shortly. Please continue to follow the process below.


CHCANYS EM Team is the gateway into supply requests through NYC EM for city-based FQHCs. Please follow these steps:

  1. Download NYC FQHC Supply Request Form

  2. This form must be completely filled out for request to be processed (all sections must be filled in). Please do not submit handwritten requests.

  3. Be sure to note all medical supply information, including: Manufacturer Name, Manufacturer Item Number, Item Description, Total Units Requested and Associated Unit of Measure, Current Days on Hand, Current Burn Rate, Alternate Manufacturer/Numbers, If you would accept a functional equivalent

  4. If you are requesting any personal protective equipment (PPE), please be sure to fill out the PPE specific section. This is necessary for the City and/or State to process the request.

  5. Once form is completed, email form to

  6. You will receive a confirmation once the form is placed into the requisition system (the email will not be immediate)


Direct Relief

CHCANYS EM Team is urging every FQHC in New York State to become a partner of Direct Relief ASAP if you haven't yet done so.

Direct Relief has been actively involved with the health center community and is committed to assist our NY health centers as much as they can, including with supplies and /or grants (when/if available). They can't assist if you are not their active partner. To become one, please:

  1. Download Direct Relief Safety Net Partner Application

  2. Fill out completely

  3. Submit to CHCANYS EM Team

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