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State DOH Updates Guidance for Providers Related to Pregnancy and COVID-19

December 3, 2020

The New York State Department of Health (SDOH) has issued new and updated guidance for health care providers related to pregnancy and COVID-19.

Guidance has been issued on the following topics:

  • Pregnancy and COVID-19 Resources for Health Care Providers (updated)

  • Health Advisory: COVID-19 and Provision of Prenatal and Postpartum Care

  • Initial Care of Newborns Born to Pregnant Persons with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

  • Protocol for COVID-19 Testing Applicable for Pregnant People and Support Persons

Additionally, SDOH has developed patient education materials that can be used with patients in an inpatient or outpatient setting as appropriate. These include information on:

  • Pregnancy and COVID-19 Resources for Pregnant People and their Families (updated)

  • COVID-19 Breastfeeding Guidance

  • Information for Patients After Giving Birth

These documents are available on the SDOH's COVID-19 Pregnancy Guidelines page HERE and are attached below for your convenience.

COVID-19 is putting extra burden and stress on pregnant and postpartum patients. Please use this information as a way to support them during this time, ensuring their questions are answered and helping them understand how to keep themselves and families safe. Also help them understand how your offices and hospitals remain safe even during COVID-19 to get care.

For families who need or want additional support or resources, please direct them to a Maternal Infant Community Health Collaborative (MICHC) or a Maternal and Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program in your area which can be found below:

  1. For more information on MICHC Click HERE

  2. For more information on MIECHV Click HERE

WIC services also remain available for families; programs are found HERE

Please contact if you have any questions.


COVID-19 Testing of pregnant persons DOH
Download • 268KB
COVID-19 Information for Patients After
Download • 840KB
COVID-19 Initial Care of Newborns Born t
Download • 376KB
COVID-19 Breastfeeding Guidance DOH 1117
Download • 207KB
Download • 88KB
Download • 164KB
Download • 136KB

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