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State DOH Reporting for COVID-19 Site Closures

The New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System (NYPORTS) is a mandatory adverse event reporting system established pursuant to Public Health Law 2805-l and Title 10 New York Code, Rules and Regulations 405.8 and 751.10. A report to NYPORTS is mandatory for all Article 28 Diagnostic & Treatment Centers if they close any of their locations due to COVID-19.


Submitting to NYPORTS

  • Health Centers should use the 932 code for any type of closure, termination or diversion of services related to COVID-19.

  • When you are asked “Which of the Following best describes the event,” you should select ‘Other’ and type in "COVID-19".

  • You will have the ability to provide details regarding the services terminated or diverted, as well as the number of patients affected, procedures cancelled, etc.

  • There is an additional information section which allows for further description of the event if needed.

NYPORTS Assistance:

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