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  • Alex Lipovtsev

SDOH Updates Guidance for Weeks 1-4 of Vaccine Distribution

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

The New York State Department of Health (SDOH) has issued updated guidance for providers that have and will receive COVID-19 vaccine in weeks 1-4 of vaccine distribution in New York State. This guidance supersedes all prior guidance. Summary of key points:

  • Populations originally proposed for week 5 were rolled into this week, week 4, for eligibility (e.g. home care workers and aides, hospice workers, personal care aides, and consumer-directed personal care workers). See Table 1 of the Guidance.

  • COVID-19 vaccine must be given according to the prioritization plan established by the NYSDOH.

  • All doses of vaccine must be administered within the week received, and facilities must notify NYSDOH if the facility is not on pace to administer all such doses within seven days of receipt. Your allocation is based upon the priority group population at your facility. If there is an expectation that you are unable to complete the administration within that week, NYSDOH may remove remaining vaccine to ensure it is administered to those high-need population groups as soon as possible.

  • The first group to be vaccinated at any facility or vaccination site will be health care personnel at high risk for transmitting or becoming infected with COVID-19, including direct care, administrative staff, and food and housekeeping services staff who have contact with patients or infectious materials.

  • After the front-line high-risk staff are vaccinated, facilities must vaccinate the next priority groups.

  • The vaccine cannot be used for any other populations or groups other than those determined eligible via NYSDOH guidance.

  • Vaccine cannot be redistributed to another facility, provider or department without prior approval and consent of the NYSDOH. Facilities needing to redistribute vaccine must submit a completed redistribution form to and wait for approval.

  • A facility may transport vaccine to another location for the purpose of holding a limited duration vaccination clinic without prior approval from the NYSDOH; however, any unused vaccine must be transported back to the original location at the conclusion of the clinic that day. Any facility holding a limited duration vaccination clinic must adhere to all COVID-19 immunization reporting requirements. Such facility must retain possession and control of the vaccine for the duration of the transport and administration.

  • Those who are administering the vaccine should be prioritized to receive vaccine as soon as doses are available.

  • All facilities are required to track vaccine uptake among their staff and must furnish uptake data to the NYSDOH upon request.

  • Facilities that have vaccinated all frontline direct care and patient-facing health care workers and still have vaccine available should proceed to vaccinating the next groups of health care and patient-facing workers, whose job responsibilities require in-person presence, including those health care workers that will be expected to participate in the hospital or health system’s surge response for their facility, continuing to prioritize by risk.

Download Document:

Guidance for Facilities Receiving COVID1
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