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SDOH Updated Vaccine Distribution Guidance: Forms of Proof for Eligibility Expanded

The New York State Department of Health (SDOH) issued updated guidance reviewing existing vaccine provider requirements. SDOH also expanded forms of proof for vaccination eligibility. Proof of Occupation or Eligibility: Individuals being vaccinated must produce proof of eligibility.

If an individual is eligible due to their employment status, they must prove they are employed in the State of New York. Such proof may include:

  • an employee ID card or badge,

  • a letter from an employer or affiliated organization, or

  • a pay stub, depending on the specific priority status.

If an individual is eligible due to their age, they must produce proof of age and proof of residence in New York. To prove New York residence, an individual must show one of the following:

  • State or government-issued ID;

  • Statement from landlord;

  • Current rent receipt or lease;

  • Mortgage records;

or two of the following:

  • Statement from another person;

  • Current mail;

  • School records.

For age, such proof may include:

  • Driver’s license or non-driver ID;

  • Birth certificate issued by a state or local government;

  • Current U.S passport or valid foreign passport;

  • Permanent resident card;

  • Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship;

  • Life insurance policy with birthdate; or

  • Marriage certificate with birthdate.

COVID19 Guidance for Facilities Receivin
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