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  • Alex Lipovtsev

SDOH “Dear Administrator Letter” on Allocations

Enrolled vaccine providers statewide received a “Dear Administrator Letter” from New York State yesterday evening to clarify COVID-19 vaccine allocations moving forward. The letter specifies that:

  • Future allocations will only be given to providers who have administered 95% or more of their allocations to date. If any provider has more than 5% of their total allocation in inventory, they will not be eligible for an allocation the following week.

  • Allocations made by the State are based on 1) the performance of the provider, and 2) the Federal allocation. For certain providers such as pharmacies and local health departments, the percentage of priority populations in the area is also a factor.

  • Weekly planning requests are not guaranteed. Any weekly planning requests submitted should be for one-week increments.

  • Appointments should not be pre-booked based on an assumption the weekly planning request will be met. Do not book appointments until the State contacts you about your estimated allocation for the following week.

  • The New York State Department of Health will provide clarification on the pre-booking process and terminology to be used going forward.

Download PDF • 77KB

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