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NYC DOHMH Webinar: New COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering Screens and Vaccine Inventory Management

The NYC DOHMH provided the following updates today for those entities participating in the COVID-19 vaccination program:

"We are writing to notify you that we have updated the COVID-19 ordering module in the Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) Online Registry Vaccine Inventory Management (VIM) system. Along with prebooking the amount of COVID-19 vaccine your site will need for health care personnel, eligible patients, and community members , you will now be asked to submit a partial order for the number of COVID-19 vaccines your facility is able to administer in one week. Additionally, you will now be required to submit and reconcile your first and second dose on-hand COVID-19 vaccine inventory by lot number. Please see the attached guidance for ordering and managing inventory in VIM.

Vaccine supply is still limited, though it is expected to expand in coming months. Please note that not all eligible providers will receive vaccine while supply remains limited. Vaccine distribution is also dependent on NYS guidance and facilities identified to be prioritized. In addition to vaccine supply considerations, subsequent shipments of vaccine will be approved based on accurate reporting of vaccine use to the CIR. Based on NYS guidance, facilities must administer and report 95% of the doses they received to be eligible to receive another COVID-19 allocation."

The NYC DOHMH is offering a webinar on COVID-19 vaccine ordering and management:

Please ensure that the appropriate staff register for one of the following sessions:

**Please view the NYC DOHMH document, Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Inventory

Using the Citywide Immunization Registry below:

New COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering_Inventory_
Download • 640KB


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