• Alex Lipovtsev

NYC DOHMH Alert: Help Prevent Heat-Related Illness during COVID-19


July 8, 2020

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) has issued a health alert with information on dealing with heat-related illness and deaths in vulnerable populations during COVID-19 pandemic. Additional highlights:

  • Identify people at increased risk for heat- related illness and death (see checklist in box to the right).

  • Be aware that the COVID-19 emergency may also put people at risk for indoor heat exposure because they are staying inside for physical distancing or limiting use of air conditioning due to economic constraints.

  • Remind heat-vulnerable people that heat events (heat waves) can be dangerous and instruct them to use air conditioning. If they do not have air conditioning, refer them to the air conditioner assistance program or encourage them to go to a cool space, such as a family or friend’s home or a cooling center.

  • Instruct at-risk people to stay well- hydrated.

  • Encourage caregivers to help at-risk people stay cool and well-hydrated.

  • Immediately report deaths for which heat exposure was the direct cause or a contributing factor to the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner at 212-447-2030.

Please refer to Health Alert #21 for additional information.


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