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HRSA Launched COVID-19 Information Collection

Updated (3/25/2020)

HRSA has launched its FQHC COVID-19 Information Collection:


Health Center COVID-19 Information Collection

What data reporting is HRSA requesting from health centers during the COVID-19 emergency response?

HRSA is asking health centers to begin filling out a twice-weekly survey to help track the number of patients who have undergone COVID-19 testing at each health center, along with other critical information about health center operations during the pandemic. Each health center will receive an electronic, easy to use survey (reducing the need for telephonic, email, or other methods of gathering critical COVID-19 related information) twice a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons via email from

What is the reporting period for the survey?

For the report due Tuesday afternoons, please report on activities from Friday of the previous week through Monday. For the report due Friday afternoons, please report on activities from Tuesday through Thursday. The survey includes questions on activities during the reporting period as well as cumulative.

Who from my health center should complete this survey?

The survey is sent to the Project Director listed in EHBs, but that person can also forward their unique link to anyone in the organization who can report.

If my health center is experiencing particular challenges due to COVID-19, can I report this information through the survey?

Yes. The survey includes an opportunity to provide additional information, comments, or challenges you are experiencing due to COVID-19.

How will the information from the survey be used?

HRSA will use the information collected to assess health centers' needs throughout the COVID-19 response, to share critical information related to testing, cases, and impacts at health centers, and to better understand training and technical assistance, funding, and other resource needs.

What if our health center has questions while completing the survey?

Please contact Health Center Program Support online or at 877-464-4772, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday (except federal holidays). If you use the online form, select "Coronavirus Inquiries (COVID-19)" as the issue type.


You can access HRSA FAQs on this and other issues directly by visiting Health Center Program COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


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