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Guidance for Administration of the Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Effective February 7, 2021

New York State Department of Health released guidance to facilities for planning and distributing second doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

The second dose must be administered 21 days (Pfizer vaccine) or 28 days (Moderna vaccine) after the first dose. To facilitate this, all providers must schedule the second dose appointment for recipients at the time the first dose is administered. Those who receive the first vaccine must return to the same location to receive the second dose. It is important to send frequent reminders about when and where to receive the second dose. Individuals must receive two doses of the same vaccine (e.g., you must receive two doses of the Pfizer vaccine or two doses of the Moderna vaccine). They are not interchangeable.

Planning for a second dose, including making an appointment for the second dose, will need to occur for all facility staff and those coming from outside the facility. However, please note the initial allocation is for the first dose of the vaccine. Do not reserve first dose vaccine for the second dose. A second dose allocation will be shipped to your facility in time for administration of the second dose at the required interval. The second shipment must be reserved for second doses. Facilities will be notified of the timing and quantity of the second dose shipment so that it can be separated from first doses in your inventory.

You can download full guidance document here:

Second Dose Guidance Update 2.7.21 2229
Download • 95KB

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