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FBI Alert on Increased Threats to Medical Facilities

Updated: Apr 24

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released an alert about potential increased threats to health care facilities. The alert was issued in response to recent incidents in which a “racially motivated violent extremist” targeted a medical facility. The Islamic State of Iraq in ash-Sham (ISIS) has also endorsed attacks in countries impacted by COVID-19. The alert specifically mentions the following potential threat indicators:

  • Individuals surveilling medical facilities

  • Frequent, multiple perimeter surveillance “false” alarms

  • Testing security; sabotage or holes in fences or security barriers

  • Vandalism of perimeter security equipment

  • Persons seeking employment who do not have proper identification documents 

  • Negligent professional behavior or abnormal individual personal behavior

CHCANYS urges all health centers to carefully review the FBI alert and increase facility security posture as warranted.

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