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  • Alex Lipovtsev

Cyber Actors Targeting the COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is encouraging organizations involved in vaccine storage and transport to review the IBM X-Force report on malicious cyber actors that are targeting the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain. The cyberactivity is directed at the cold chain, which is an integral part of delivering and storing a vaccine at safe temperatures. The report contains indicators of compromise and recommendations for continued readiness. According to the report, the cyber actors are impersonating Haier Biomedical, a well-known biomedical company involved in the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain, in phishing e-mails to obtain account credentials for wider access to the organizations’ networks. In April, Greater New York Hospital Association hosted a cybersecurity threat briefing that addressed, among other things, how to detect and mitigate phishing attacks conducted to harvest credentials. CISA also has created a guide with tips on avoiding social engineering and phishing attacks.

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