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COVID-19 Surge Staffing GPO for NYC Health Care Facilities

New York City Emergency Management has set up a Medical Surge Staffing GPO to assist Health Care Facilities with their COVID-19 surge staffing plans. The most current list of participating staffing vendors and additional documents can be found here under “COVID-19 Surge Staffing Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

Each HCF is responsible for creating their own contract with appropriate staffing vendors. The GPO was set up to assist facilities with their COVID-19 response and will be available until June of 2021. Facilities are encouraged to create a contract with the staffing vendors before future waves of COVID-19 and that can be utilized for any staffing shortages. Facilities should make sure to include all staffing titles in their contract including any non-clinical licenses. NYC Emergency Management serves as the vendor manager for the GPO and retains records of the master agreement.

Benefits of the GPO Include:

  • Assist NYC healthcare organizations to establish surge staffing contracts in preparation for COVID resurgence

  • Create and maintain competitive pay scales to prevent rate inflation during times of crisis/staffing shortages

  • Ensure staffing contract terms have appropriate flexibilities for healthcare organizations given unpredictable crisis circumstances

  • Ensure a broad array of healthcare organizations can work directly with staffing agencies to secure staff meeting their requirements and preferences

The following types of healthcare facilities* within the five boroughs of New York City are eligible:

  • General hospitals

  • Residential health care facilities or nursing homes

  • Adult care facilities

  • Home care providers

  • Residential treatment programs

  • Outpatient mental health clinics

  • Diagnostic and treatment centers and clinics, including Chronic Renal Dialysis Services

* licensed by the New York State Department of Health or New York State Office of Mental Health

While this notification serves as an introduction to this resource, as updates are made to the staffing vendor list and more information becomes available, further notification will be made and resources will be added here.

Questions can be addressed to: HealthMedicalESFList@OEM.NYC.GOV.

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