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  • Alex Lipovtsev

CMS Telehealth Guidance Maintains Prohibition on FQHCs as Distant Site

On March 17, CMS announced that they were expanding access to telehealth services for Medicare enrollees for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis. However, the blanket prohibition on health centers acting as distant sites remains in effect. This means that Medicare will not reimburse health centers for providing services via telehealth or telephone to any patients offsite. Please see the Center for Connected Health Policy for additional information on the CMS changes.

We recognize that this prohibition directly impacts your ability to provide needed services to many patients for whom coming into the office is not advised. We are working closely with NACHC to continue to push this issue with CMS and urge them to lift the restriction. In the meantime, we urge you to contact your Congressional representatives to let them know that limiting your ability to provide care to Medicare patients via telehealth during a national public health emergency is detrimental to the health of your patients, your staff and the overall operations of your health centers.

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