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CDC Launches National Infection Control Training Initiative: Project Firstline

The CDC has launched Project Firstline, a comprehensive infection control program designed to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases in U.S. healthcare settings. Project Firstline is a collaborative made up of healthcare, public health, and academic partners, as well as 64 state, territorial, and local health departments funded through CDC’s Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity cooperative agreement. Together, this training collaborative will support development and dissemination of Project Firstline’s innovative, infection control training and tools for healthcare and public health workforces across the United States.

Project Firstline’s training and engagement opportunities will include short, accessible training videos, virtual interactive events, and telementoring to ensure every worker in every healthcare setting—from clinicians to environmental services workers—is empowered with the science and reasoning behind essential infection control practices, and can confidently apply those practices to protect themselves, their facility, their family and their community.

Follow the hashtag #WeAreFirstline for more information.

To kick off the initiative, the CDC will be presenting on a webinar hosted by AMA on Thursday, October 29, to answer IPC questions and introduce Project Firstline. This event is free and open to audiences beyond AMA, and you may register HERE (please note you must first create a free AMA user account, if you do not already have one). The webinar will be recorded and close-captioned for future viewing.

Please see the document below for more information:

PFL Collaborative Partner Packet_Launch_
Download • 764KB

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